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Good places to find Social Studies information.


National World War II Museum -- Website of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana.
African History Links -- this site is maintained by the National Park Service.
Australian History -- Australian Government website for Australian History.
Australian History and Images -- history links and images for the land "down under".
Best of History Websites -- a page with many links to other history web sites.
History Link 101 -- "History Link 101 is a resource site for World History classes". This site is divided into multiple eras with a wide variety of data on cultures and time periods.

Geography Links -- a compilation of websites by Dr. Sue LeBeau.
Physical Geography Links -- although physical geography is more a science than a social science, there is considerable overlap between the two disciplines. This website contains information for both classes.
Take A Seat Road Trip Geography by David Jones. Several links to the Continents, Unites States, Cartography (map making), Maps and Their Features, and Geography in general. However, be prepared to see ads about ShearComfort Seat Covers, too!! (I guess you need a comfy seat if you are taking a long road trip!)
US Geography -- lots of links to many areas of US geography.

Foundation for Teaching Economics -- based in Davis, CA, this site provides information about opportunities in the field of economics, including an Economics for Leaders conference for those who have completed their junior year of high school.
History of Money -- links to multiple areas of the Social Sciences with a wide variety of links under each category.

Links to new sites will be added in the future. Please e-mail suggestions to Mr. Mac.