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US History - 1st Period

Completion of a one-year United States History class is a Social Science graduation requirement for the Sacramento City Unified School District. As an 11th grade class, students will learn how the past events of the United States shape the world we live in today.

Click here to download the course syllabus.

To access an on-line copy of American Anthem, the US History textbook for this class, please click here. Thank you to Mr. Tague for making a copy of the textbook available on-line.

Parents checking out this site are encouraged to make sure their students are keeping up with class work. I try to post new assignments on the website the same day they are given to students. Click on the current unit underneath Assignments (the most recent unit is on top). To check current grades, please access Infinite Campus Parent Portal link on the Sacramento City Unified School District home page. Note that INBs are graded at the end of each unit and those scores will not be posted until that time. Please check your student's INB during each unit to verify their progress with unit assignments.


Unit 4 A Champion of Democracy: World War II
Unit 3 A Modern Nation
Unit 2 Becoming a World Power
Unit 1 The United States before 1898


Students are required to keep an "Interactive Note Book" or INB for this class. This consists of a folder with two pockets and notebook prongs. Assignments are kept in the pronged portion of the folder in the order the assignments were given. An Assignment Record Sheet serves as the table of contents listing the number of the assignment, the date it was assigned, the name of the assignment, and the points available for the assignment.

For more information about successful completions of INBs, please click here.